Our HR module allows you to have full control and overview of your current staff and the selection process. You can handle not only the selection process, but also training and the development that each employee has within your company


From an organizational approach eKEPLER allows full control and management of all your staff organization, as well as training, career planning, wedge, commissions, vacations, shifts, resumes, etc. All this
fully integrated with the rest of our ERP solution, therefore allowing the company not only to fully manage all aspects of the HR planning, but also integrating this with daily activities such as sales process, production planning, etc..


The payroll will provide a full control in all aspect regarding the MX tax and legal requirements, such as overtime (double and triple), delays, absents incapacities, bonuses, vacations, savings fund, etc.  Each of these concepts are fully configurable, giving you a complete control over new concepts as well as adjusting the existing ones.

The payroll module, is directly linked to the rest of the ERP, allowing you to have a complete work flow and information analysis in real time.