eKEPLER wholesale

eKEPLER helps wholesale and distribution companies to manage all business transactions from the moment an order is registered until it is delivered and invoiced to the final customer, thus facilitating the efficient management of their sales process and achieving goals that impact customer service and generate revenue.

The use of a full blow ERP system such as the eKEPLER gives total visibility of all business transactions that occur inside the company, whether they are orders, inventory transactions, collections, purchases, and so forth.

By using eKEPLER fully integrated system, you will start getting relevant information for the decision-making process, and start answering questions such as: which sales executives generates the most sales? What sales orders are still pending to be shipped? How much inventory I’m I missing to be able to meet the requirements of my customers? How many purchase orders do I have pending to be received?

Thanks to eKEPLER’s flexibility, you can easily adapt it to your business processes and rules, so taking the control of your business will be easier and faster.

eKEPLER is a global company with presence in Latin America and the US, our mission is to help small and medium size enterprises grow their businesses and help their cross border operation, providing a business solution that meets their needs in Latin America and the US. We strive in helping companies that are taking advantage of recent structural reforms implemented in the energy and telecommunication sector. With the right software and many years of experience, our firm will help your company streamline its processes and increase productivity with our innovative Enterprise Process Builder (eKEPLER’s EPB), that includes a fully functional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

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